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Q&A 2019 Pharmacy Show

Huddersfield, October 22, 2019 – A Q&A about the 2019 Pharmacy Show with Phoebe Buckley.

What is The Pharmacy Show and is this the first time Nizoral has exhibited?

The Pharmacy Show is a two-day long trade show focused around the healthcare sector. This year the show had over 9,200 attendees. Delegates are usually made up of pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, new and existing suppliers, buyers and key stakeholders and policy makers.

It was the first visit for the Nizoral team, and it was extremely positive and successful - there was a huge amount of interest in the Nizoral stand and we had many people come to visit us, chat and ask us about our product.

How did you attract delegates to your stand and what was their first impression?

The Nizoral stand was a really good size and it was very interactive, so it attracted a lot of attention from inquisitive visitors. We had a wind tunnel photo booth, which was very popular, and people enjoyed looking at their resulting pictures! The branding of the stand was deliberately created to support our recent marketing campaign, "Already Tried Everything", with strong visuals to make it more prominent. Treating dandruff can be very much trial and error so the messaging around the campaign is centred around trying something new and different if previous products have not worked. The campaign messaging was implemented across the stand and worked very well. Overall, we received some excellent feedback from visitors.

Did you introduce any new products or services at the show?

Not this time. Thornton & Ross has only recently acquired Nizoral, so the main objective was to raise brand awareness, drive sales and support the growth of the brand.

With over 50% of people suffering from dandruff, pharmacists and pharmacy staff are consumers themselves, and they told us that they use Nizoral is their first line of treatment to treat their own dandruff. Out of all the products available on the market, Nizoral is their product of choice, which is a very powerful accolade for us.

There are also a lot of loyal consumers behind the product, who request it directly from pharmacists due to it being a very effective treatment, so it's critical that it remains a key product and we continue to strengthen its recognition in pharmacy.

What were your own personal highlights?

A specific highlight for me was listening to a talk by Dr Dawn Harper, an NHS GP and media doctor. She covered taboo subjects such as vaginal dryness and how pharmacists need to encourage further discussion on subjects we tend to shy away from.

Another personal highlight was that a pharmacist, who was a visitor to the stand, expressed his interest in the brand and felt that through the information we had provided he was so much more informed on antifungal dandruff products. He was writing an article and was so impressed in Nizoral and its offering, that he wanted to include the product and further information in his report. This was great to feedback to the team and demonstrated that we what we were communicating was being understood and acknowledged.

So there were clinical presentations and workshops during the pharmacy show?

There were over 200 expert speakers, pharmacy experts, key opinion leaders and educational slots throughout the show. There was a focus on gut health, which was an interesting topic, and lots of education around what product training is being offered to pharmacists, which we believe is critical within the 'scalp care' category.

There was a very interesting presentation on the use of social media marketing, and looking into which practical techniques pharmacy professionals can use to encourage footfall into their pharmacy.

Mintel reports highlight that Scalp Care is a key trend to healthy hair, and it raises the importance of a healthy regime. It's very important that we maintain a strong relationship with pharmacists and pharmacy staff and keep them well informed about our products. Giving them the right information, at the right time is crucial.

Were any industry trends announced at the show?

Generally speaking, The Pharmacy Show is a great way to keep up with all the latest developments and current trends, find out more about how to improve patient outcomes while getting lots of practical training and advice.

A key trend this year was messaging about 'Self Care'. The majority of people still book an appointment to see their doctor, when your local pharmacist is well-qualified and able to help. This is an area we are keen to support both as a brand, and as a company. Patients need to be well informed and feel confident that they can speak to their pharmacist with some health issues before going to see their GP.

Would you be interested in exhibiting again at the pharmacy show and what would you do differently?

The audience was a key market for the Nizoral brand, so yes we would be very interested in exhibiting again. With the growing trend in Self Care and consumers being actively encouraged to see their pharmacists more often, it’s critical for the industry moving forward that we equip all pharmacy professionals with exactly the right information they need.

This year, we also had the Care brand exhibiting at the show, so I think a priority for next year would be to widen this further and have Thornton & Ross take a stand. As one of the largest over the counter pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK, we're are able to offer something for everyone, from the head to the toe. The Pharmacy Show 2020, would be the perfect opportunity for Thornton & Ross to showcase all that it offers to the wider pharmacy industry.


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