The STADA Community Catalyst Fund offers community groups and non-profit organisations in and
around Huddersfield the opportunity to tap into a fresh source of financial assistance and practical
Our community funding scheme aims to help unleash their creativity and passion to support people
in their area and build sustainable communities.

Who can apply?

Groups and non-profit organisations in the HD1 to HD7 postcodes whose work benefits the local community can apply to the fund.


What can I apply for?

Grant Funding - individual grants of £200, awarded every two months. Grants of up to £1,000 for larger scale ventures are available quarterly. In addition, there are major sponsorship grants of up to £1,000 available all year round.


Expert Support - the STADA Community Catalyst Fund also provides the opportunity for groups to apply for an expert skills and advice session with a specialist in a field such as marketing, finance or HR, who can help them advance their organisation strategically - to deliver, for example, a presentation, attend a workshop or help develop interview skills within the organisation. 

Whether the venture focuses on health and wellbeing, community engagement, education, social action or developing a sustainable community - the Fund is open to applications from any local non-profit organisation helping the wider Huddersfield community.


How do I apply for funding or support?

Interested community groups and non-profit organisations in Huddersfield can apply for grants and support through the STADA Community Catalyst Fund by completing the relevant application form.


How will I know if my application is successful?

An independent selection panel, consisting of locally based Thornton & Ross leaders and employees, has been appointed to ensure the eligibility of applicants and the awarding process for successful applicants is appropriately centred on the impact and sustainability of the initiatives.

We will write to all applicants, whether successful or not, letting them know if they have obtained funding.

What information you need to apply

1. The details of two different people from your organisation

One person should be someone we can talk to if we have any questions about your project. The other should be a senior member of your organisation, who’ll be legally responsible for the funding. Both need to live in the UK.

These two people cannot be related. Related can mean:

  • related by marriage
  • in a civil partnership with each other
  • in a long-term relationship with each other
  • related through a long-term partner
  • living together at the same address
  • related by blood


What details you’ll need:

  • names, email addresses, telephone numbers
  • home addresses
  • dates of birth


2. Details about your organisation

  • The legal name of your organisation
  • Your organisation’s address
  • What type of organisation it is (for example, a registered charity or not-for-profit company)


3. Information about your project

We want to understand how you would spend any grant funding and how this would help and involve our community.


You're ready to apply!

What would you like to apply for?