Derma new business shows steady growth

  • 13/11/2012
  • Press Release

Steady growth from a new range of products in a new business area means development plans are succeeding for T&R Derma.

Our Derma range of emollient products to treat and manage eczema was launched in July 2010 at Britain’s leading dermatology congress, run by the British Association of Dermatology (BAD).

A new sales structure has been established to spearhead growth nationwide, and Dermatology Marketing Manager Janet Maclean has masterminded the launch campaign.

“It’s been slow but steady growth since we launched – which is exactly what we’re hoping for,” explained Janet. “It’s a completely new business area for us – so we haven’t just been launching a new range of products, we’ve been launching Thornton & Ross into a different market - the NHS. It’s part of the long-term strategy for business growth. Britain has a £140 million emollient market – growing by 10% every year due to lifestyle impacts, the rise in population, and the rise in the percentage of elderly. It’s an all-year-round business, not seasonal, and once someone is on an emollient they may use it for their life time. So it has huge potential for us, and we’re laying down the foundations for future growth.”

We have two product ranges within the T&R Derma portfolio. – the cost-effective Zeroderma range of four creams, 2 bath oil products and 1 ointment for hospitals and Primary Care Trusts, which is complemented by a unique, clinically proven product called Aquamol. Aquamol has a unique moisture-enhancing formula combining penetration enhancers and occlusive properties. Few comparable products are clinically proven and Aquamol has been shown to significantly improve eczema and the overall skin condition; significantly reduce skin itch; significantly reduce sleep disturbance and, crucially, reduce the need for topical corticosteroids.