Thornton & Ross launches alternative, cost-effective treatment for osteoporosis in UK

  • 10/09/2019
  • Press Release

West Yorkshire-based pharmaceutical company Thornton & Ross (T&R) is launching an alternative, cost-effective treatment for osteoporosis.

Movymia® teriparatide was launched at the end of August, when the patent for Forsteo® teriparatide – the only approved osteoanabolic therapy for osteoporosis in the UK – expired.

Movymia® will offer the NHS a teriparatide which has been evaluated by the European Medicines Agency and deemed to be similar to Forsteo® teriparatide but at a more a cost-effective list price .

The product is injected using a refillable, multi-dose injection device called a Movymia® Pen, which is used for the entire treatment period – allowing the NHS to remain environmentally friendly.

Movymia® is the first of a significant pipeline of biosimilar products due to be launched by T&R and underlines the company’s commitment to providing the NHS with cost-effective treatment options. It complements T&R’s extensive bone health portfolio, which includes Fultium® D3, Accrete® D3 and Binosto®.

Roger Scarlett-Smith, T&R’s Executive Vice President UK, said: “The launch of Movymia® is an important expansion of the STADA group’s biosimilar portfolio in the UK, and is a sign of our ongoing commitment to improving treatment options for people living with osteoporosis.”

Alison Doyle, Head of Clinical and Operations at the Royal Osteoporosis Society, added: “We are delighted that teriparatide – an effective anabolic treatment for osteoporosis – is now available as a biosimilar following the expiration of the Forsteo® patent.

“This once expensive medication was rationed by NICE guidance until last year, when NHS England announced the treatment would be available to men as well as women. While we are aware that some men still struggle to get access to Teriparatide, the availability of biosimilars should drive down the cost of treatment and make it available to more people with osteoporosis.

“Improved choice in the current offering of clinically effective treatments for osteoporosis is welcome news for healthcare professionals and people with osteoporosis alike.

A biosimilar is a pharmaceutical product manufactured by using biotechnology with a protein as active ingredient developed with the aim of being comparable to an existing biological pharmaceutical product (the “reference pharmaceutical product”). There are no significant differences in quality, safety and effectiveness between biosimilars and reference pharmaceutical products.