New Zoflora production line is first part of our Centre of Excellence

  • 22/05/2020
  • Press Release

Following a seven-figure investment by our parent company, STADA, the new facility will enable us to fulfil an ever-increasing demand for Zoflora, which is now the UK’s best-selling household disinfectant[1].

Forty jobs have been created at the facility, that will enable us to produce 18,000 bottles of Zoflora an hour – an increase in output of 100%.

A build of this size would usually take around 18 months to complete but thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team and our partners, the new line was up and running in just eight months.

Work was carried out by Haden Freeman, a process engineering consultancy headquartered in Denton, and Lancashire-based Hawkins Construction (Northern), who completed the structural work. Both have experience in working in similar environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Mark Kirkup, Vice-President of UK Operations at Thornton & Ross, said the new facility was essential for future expansion: “This facility represents the largest single investment that our parent company, the STADA Group, has made at our UK site and underlines the success of Thornton & Ross as a company,” he said.

“We selected our partners on this project for their technical capabilities and experience of working in similar environments. Despite the short timeframe for completion, we are extremely pleased with how the project progressed.

“Our aim was to create the best household disinfectant production facility in the UK – automated, high speed and with most of the bulky material handling done outside the production area, improving health and safety. We’re proud and delighted to have fulfilled this brief within our timescale and without affecting our existing production schedule.

“This is just the start of some exciting developments to help us increase our output, supply more markets and to modernise more of our lines.”


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[1] Latest figures show 54% of market share in terms of value, 51% in terms of volume