Care Launches Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral Solution

  • 18/08/2021
  • Press Release

Care, the Number 1 brand sold through UK Pharmacy*, has launched Care Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral Solution, a welcomed extension to the brand’s existing range of tried and trusted cough and cold remedies and its first night-time product in the category.

Care Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral Solution[1] provides effective, night-time relief from common cold and flu symptoms, such as headaches, shivers, runny nose, tickly cough, aches and pains.

The 200ml oral solution contains paracetamol to reduce fever, promethazine to dry up a runny nose and aid restful sleep, and dextromethorphan which relieves a dry, irritating tickly cough.

Supporting pharmacy for 30 years, the launch further solidifies Care’s position as pharmacy’s go-to for treating minor ailments.

Care Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral Solution offers pharmacies a branded ‘value for money’ product that is just as efficacious as the category leader, whilst also providing pharmacies with a strong margin to support the bottom line.

Ruth Giles, Brand Manager at Care said: “As we head towards cold and flu season and pharmacy teams take on more referrals from GPs, there will be an increased requirement to provide product recommendations to help combat symptoms. Our Care Night Cold & Flu Oral Solution gives pharmacies more choice and price points for customers, and a value for money product that doesn’t compromise on quality.”

“Care has great heritage in the sector and has always been seen as a hard-working brand for pharmacies across the country. We listen intently to what our customers tell us, and this product launch reflects that close relationship.”

Care Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral Solution is a classified licensed medicine, available to consumers behind the counter with an RRP of £6.99. Pharmacies can buy direct from Thornton & Ross or via wholesale in autumn 2021.

To better prepare for the cold and flu season ahead, pharmacy teams can make use of expert training guides provided by Care, which can be accessed via


*EI needed
[1]Care Night Cold & Flu Relief Oral 200ml Solution. For night-time relief of common cold and flu symptoms. Contains Dextromethorphan and Paracetamol. Always read the label.