Discover your opportunities

We know that committed and qualified employees are a prerequisite for being successful and continuing to grow as a company. Alongside interesting work in diverse areas, we offer our employees a range of opportunities for professional and personal development as well as a working environment, which enables a healthy work-life balance. We value transparency and communication as equals across all hierarchical levels.

Global talent management

Eager and skilled employees are an essential requirement to reach ambitious corporate goals. STADA nurtures internal talent and helps people to evolve with global and local talent develop programs that are in line with the company’s culture and future growth ambition.



Healthcare and sporting activities

The promotion of the health of our employees has a particular importance for STADA. It is our goal to maintain performance and motivation, reduce strains at the workplace, discover health potentials and foster the well-being of the staff.


Meeting the needs and promoting the health of our employees has a particular importance for STADA. Adapted to the specific country, position and company we are offering a wide-ranging set of benefits.

Work life balance

Equal opportunities and a family-friendly environment are important success factors for every company and contribute to its competitiveness. Therefore, it is not only because of the high proportion of women at STADA that an adequate work-life-balance is a key component of our personnel policy.