Resources for Businesses

At Thornton and Ross, we know how hard it can be to get your employees back to work and ensure all the safety measures are put into place. It might be even more difficult to provide clear guidance to your staff on how to safely prevent the spread of the virus whilst avoiding irritation from extensive handwashing and PPE wearing.


Zeroderma® and Cetraben® have put together a series of downloadable resources for you to circulate with your team


Extensive Handwashing?

How to Look after your hands & Prevent the spread of infections

How to wash your hands and prevent the spread of infections

Face Masks and PPE causing dry skin?

Simple steps to prevent face mask skin problems

About Zeroderma® and Cetraben®

The Thornton & Ross dermatology brands, Zeroderma®, Cetraben® are delighted to be supporting our Local Communities and the NHS.

Zeroderma® - offers the widest range of cost-effective emollients and barrier creams, with cost savings for the NHS without compromising on quality. 

Cetraben® – A range of unique emollient products from a light lotion to a moisture-rich ointment, designed to help manage problematic, dry and eczema-prone skin.